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Our Mission

To Make Safe & Affordable Plastic Surgery ACCESSIBLE In New York


Our plastic surgery clinic was founded on the principle of accessible and safe plastic surgery for all. If a patient has a desire to alter their appearance to feel confident in themselves, we believe they have the right to do so without breaking the bank. By operating as a practice with a family of experienced surgeons, we are able to offer otherwise expensive surgical procedures for a price that everyone can afford, especially considering our financing options.


At DPS in New York, our staff consists of the most skilled and experienced surgeons in the country. Unlike other plastic surgery operations, patients meet their surgeon the day of their initial consult. Upfront acquaintance with your surgeon is essential to building trust in their experience and, for the surgeons, familiarity with your unique situation.

Beyond our team of elite surgeons is our Patient Coordinator team. Throughout your experience with DPS, you will be closely cared for by one of our specialized Patient Coordinators, ensuring you are comfortable at each stage throughout the process.

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