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Career Opportunities



Doctors Plastic Surgery offers a variety of career opportunities through the practice. We invite you to contact our office to see if one of these staff positions may fit you. Please click on the links to review the job responsibilities for each of these positions:




  • Conveying personal warmth and creating a welcoming environment.

  • Actively listening to patients to understand their concerns and desired goals.

  • Explaining what procedures Doctors Plastic Surgery offers and assist patients in achieving their desired results.

  • Communicating with patients about the various procedures that Doctors Plastic Surgery offers.

  • Effectively listening and observing the interaction between the patient and the physician during their consultation with the physician.

  • Reviewing the physician’s recommendations with the patients.

  • Processing the surgical agreement to reserve a specific date if the patient chooses to move forward. The deposit would be required at this time and financing options should be presented if applicable.

  • Once the deposit is obtained, check with the scheduler for open surgery dates. Times are only to be given by the scheduler in the conformation call made two weeks prior to the surgery date.

  • Stay in close communication with the patient to ensure that they have attained their medical clearance, paid in full two weeks prior to their procedure, have someone accompanying them on their day of surgery, and answer any additional questions that they might have.

  • Patient Coordinators are directly responsible for any non-medical issues that have caused a delay or cancellation in a patient’s planned surgical date and time.

    Please send a cover letter and resume to